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WorldSharp 1099/1042-S Preparation System


WorldSharp 1099/1042-S Preparation System :  2023

    System Price Annual Maintenance
A-1601 1099 Preparation System (single user or per workstation) $89.95 N/A (must purchase new version each year)
A-1611 1099 Preparation System with 1042-S Option $189.95 N/A (must purchase new version each year)

When ordering: (Please include Company Name and Address in 'Instructions to Seller' so that we may contact you about updates if necessary.)

(When the 1099 software program is ordered for download, download instructions will be normally be emailed to purchaser within a few minutes to an hour after purchase.  When CD is ordered it contains exactly the same files as the download and if you request, you may also receive download version.)

If you have problems ordering or if you do not want to pay using a credit card, call us (575)445-2504.
    System Price Order
A-1611-D 1099/1042-S Prep System (download) $189.95
A-1611-CD 1099/1042-S Prep System (CD) $189.95 $20.00 S&H
A-1612-D 1099/1042-S Prep System 2-System (download) $249.95
A-1612-CD 1099/1042-S Prep System 2-System (CD) $249.95 $20.00 S&H
A-1613-D 1099/1042-S Prep System 3-System (download) $299.95
A-1613-CD 1099/1042-S Prep System 3-System (CD) $299.95 $20.00 S&H
A-1614-D 1099/1042-S Prep System 10-System (download) $349.95
A-1614-CD 1099/1042-S Prep System 10-System (CD) $349.95 $20.00 S&H
A-1615-D 1099/1042-S Prep Sql Server 10-User (download)    $549.95
A-1615-CD 1099/1042-S Prep Sql Server 10-User (CD)    $549.95 $20.00 S&H
A-1616 Upgrade Previously Purchased System to support 1042-S    $100.00
A-1617 Upgrade Prev Purchased System to support Sql Server    $200.00
A-1699 CD Shipping and Handling    $0.00 $20.00 S&H

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