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WorldSharp 1099 Preparation System


Main Screen - System/Issuer Information

This is the main screen of the WorldSharp 1099 Preparation System. It has tabs across the top and some of the tabs have additional tabs under them. You may click on the image to the left to enlarge the screen image.

This is the screen to enter the issuer information. The grid will have a row for each issuer. Once the issuer is entered or selected, all other screens will have information for that issuer. For a company, there would probably be only one issuer, but for a CPA firm, there might be many issuer records.





This screen allows the user to set the Tax Year. Setting the Tax Year is normally not required unless forms for previous years are being processed. Some processing options are set on this screen such as whether to 'mask' recipient's tax identification number.

There are also fields on this screen that special fields for some of the 1099 forms (such as 1099-K)







This Import screen is where the parameters can be set for importing form information from spreadsheets or comma delimited files. Templates are provided for each kind of 1099 form.  These template formats are not required for import, but if they are used the system will automatically populate the parameters that map the columns of the spread sheet.

There is a button called 'Import Codes' that will bring up a pdf that will show all of the codes required for  each of the data fields that can be imported.





You can import the information from a file formated for transmission to the IRS.There are a number of purposes for doing this.

There might be a file created by another program and it needs to be combined with some more forms.

There might be a file created by a service bureau or another company and it needs to be filed with different transmitter information.

A file created last year has most of the same names and addresses to be used this year.

A file was created by another system and corrections need to be filed on some or all of the records.


System/TIN Matching

Files can be created in the format required for the IRS TIN Matching program. Certain payers may need to participate in this program. Details about the program and requirements for participation are in the IRS Publication 2108A which is provided with our system.








System/IRS Information

The IRS forms, instructions and publications having to do with forms 1042-s, 1097, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498 and W-2g are provided with the system for your convenience.  This keeps you from having to find them on the internet if you need to use them.








Some utility functions are available to help save you time with certain processes.

For example, if records were imported and some of them did not have the left zero of a zipcode (which some spreadsheet programs remove), there is a function to supply that missing zero.






Recipients/Regular View

The Regular view is used for rapid entry.

The account information is entered and then the form is added. Multiple forms (and of different types) may be added for one account.

This screen is also used when preparing corrections.







Recipients/Form View

The Form view is used to display the information as it would appear on the form.  It is also the one normally used for changing information because each piece of data is easy to find.

In either view, the single form that is displayed may be printed by itself.







Print/Print Forms

When the operator hovers over a form type on the left, the parameters on the right are for that form and will be retained for the next printing. The parameters on the right are use to indicate such actions as whether to print this issuer only or all issuers. Also which copy is to be printed.

Other options are available such as form alignment if printing on pre-printed forms. Many times those forms may vary from vendor to vendor or printer to printer.

If no parameters are changed, the form is set to print on plain paper for this issue only with copy B printing at the top of the paper and the instructions printing after it.




Print/Print Labels

Labels may be printed to standard Avery laser/ink jet paper stock. They may also be adjusted for top margin or height.

A message such as 'Important Tax Return document Enclosed' may be printed at the bottom of the label.

A comma delimited file may be created so the the infomation may be used to print in some other format or imported into Microsoft Word to include in a letter or other document using mail merge.





Print/Print Reports

Reports showing the accounts receiving forms may printed both with and without the addresses included.










Totals (1096/1042-T)

The totals of the amount fields may be dislplay or printed on a 1096 form.  The 1096 may be printed on plain paper or a pre-printed form.

If the 1042-s option has been purchased, this screen allows printing of the 1042-T form.








Electronic Reporting/Transmission Specifications

The 'Transmitter Control Code' and other Transmitter information and options are entered on this screen.

If the transmitter does not have a transmitter control code, a form 4419 must be mailed or faxed to the IRS. That form is provided with the system.







Electronic Reporting/Processing

Once Transmitter Specifications have been entered, this screen is used to prepare the file to be sent to the IRS.

There is a button to show instructions for preparing the file and another one showing instructions for transmitting the file.







Electronic Reporting/Work File - Issuer Records

Once the data has been moved to the work file, this screen will allow operator to check amount totals and form types and counts before creating the electronic file.








Electronic Reporting/Display IRS File

This screen will display the IRS file that is specified in the 'Processing' screen.









Help Menu

The Help menu found at the top of the screen allow the operator to access the WorldSharp 1099 Manual.

It also has a selection for connecting to WorldSharp support. While we on the phone with you, we will ask you to connect so that we may see your screen. Then we can help you with the system with such things as importing data or electronic filing.

The 'About WorldSharp 1099 Preparation System' selection lets you see the date and version information of the system.