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WorldSharp Check Reconciliation System

The WorldSharp™ Check Reconciliation System provides an excellent means to reconcile your own or your customer's checking accounts.

On-Screen Entry and Balancing

The system simultaneously updates check book and bank balances. As the operator views an outstanding or paid check the following fields are displayed: check number, check amount, issue date, paid date, application or source of the check, description, name & address of payee if available, last reconciliation date and balance, outstanding deposits total, paid deposits total, outstanding checks total, paid checks total, credit and debit adjustments, new check book balance and new bank balance. Supports stop payments and adjustments for fees.

Import Issued Checks

The system allows the user to import or transfer issued check information directly from a number of the WorldSharp Software systems. Information may also be transferred from spreadsheets or non-WorldSharp files that are comma delimited, tab delimited or fixed length. Also imports and exports QIF format.


Import Paid Checks

This screen shows the progress of importing of the paid items. The left side of the screen shows the 'Accepted' items (issued items that can be found in the data that have the check number and amount that match and have not been previously marked as paid). The right side of the screen shows items which do not match the data for some reason. Those items might not match or might have already been marked as paid.

Mark Paid Checks

Although the system allows for importing of the paid check information, it allows allows for the operator to mark checks paid. Normally the operator can just go down the statement in check number order and easily see and mark the appropriate check paid. The item can just be marked paid or the paid date can also be entered.


Stand Alone Capability

Although the system allows for information on issued and paid check to be automatically transferred from other applications or computer systems, the complete check reconciliation task can be done entirely without external systems. The issued checks, deposits and adjustments can be input into easy to use entry screens.

Extensive Filtering

The system allows the operator to filter the items by date ranges, amounts or check number ranges. This makes it easier to find outages and solve balancing problems.